Thursday, December 20, 2007

This is hard to keep up.

I have hard enough time keeping up my house work because I want to be spinning or knitting or checking on lists on the computer, but now I need to write this blog also. Wooo! I will have to be more organized. I don't think after all these years that is going to happen. Oh well first things first. I have been spinning away on the merino/silk stuff from "The Fold". I have a pound and have about 75% of it spun. Need it all plyed and ready to knit the Mariais shawl from the Stahman's book before we leave for FL in January.
All the Christmas presents are wrapped and under the Christmas tree. We are really ahead in that this year. All the kids and Grandkids except one will be here Christmas eve day for brunch and gift opening. 3 sons with wives and a total of 9 grandkids. Oldest grandson, Neil has to work till that night in Columbus, so we will take his gifts down on Christmas day.
Back to spinning now.

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