Monday, November 17, 2008

Cold for here

It was 41 this morning. Brrrrr. It was 31 in Ohio. Not enough difference to suit me.
I just read over some of my older entries and discovered I had never added any pictures of our travels this fall. If my blog name is Traveling Spinner, I had better show some of the travels. The houses are in Bad Windsheim, Germany and the wheel is at the Black Forest Open Air Museum.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Craft show at the park

The park where we live in Fl. is having a craft show today. I walked around it after coffee this morning. Most of the participants live here in Lake Pointe Village. Lots of talent. One man does a beautiful job with a scroll saw. Wonderful things. Also a lot of sewing and general craft work. We have a crochet and knit group and a lot of great talent is showing up from there. Don't think I will get anybody to learn to spin though. I have my Little Gem here with me and always several spindles and wool. I'm always ready to teach.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Warm and lovely

Not too much sunshine this morning here in "sunny" Florida. I have been working on the chenille scarf on the Ashford table loom. I have the loom sitting on a round glass table. Not too bad. The rubber tabs on the bottom of the loom keeps it from sliding around. I am able to beat the picks pretty good. Better than when I started last year. The scarf is going to be very uneven as I surely did not beat it hard enough when I started.
I worked on the Morning Surf scarf yesterday at Lake Pointe Village crochet and knitting day. We meet every Tue. afternoon and have had a pretty good turn-out every week. Hopefully it will be better attended after all the snow-birds return and get settled. I will try to get more pictures of some of the projects on the page.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What I was doing

This is what I was doing before we left for Florida. Our guild has a coverlett program going. We each have a pattern and a color on our own loom. We then exchange colors and make a square with other people's colors in our pattern. When the 14 of us all get done, we will give each of the colors back to the owners and each will have 14 different patterns in our color. We will then each make bands and put together a coverlett in our own color and 14 different patterns. Hope it works out.
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