Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Warm and lovely

Not too much sunshine this morning here in "sunny" Florida. I have been working on the chenille scarf on the Ashford table loom. I have the loom sitting on a round glass table. Not too bad. The rubber tabs on the bottom of the loom keeps it from sliding around. I am able to beat the picks pretty good. Better than when I started last year. The scarf is going to be very uneven as I surely did not beat it hard enough when I started.
I worked on the Morning Surf scarf yesterday at Lake Pointe Village crochet and knitting day. We meet every Tue. afternoon and have had a pretty good turn-out every week. Hopefully it will be better attended after all the snow-birds return and get settled. I will try to get more pictures of some of the projects on the page.

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