Saturday, November 15, 2008

Craft show at the park

The park where we live in Fl. is having a craft show today. I walked around it after coffee this morning. Most of the participants live here in Lake Pointe Village. Lots of talent. One man does a beautiful job with a scroll saw. Wonderful things. Also a lot of sewing and general craft work. We have a crochet and knit group and a lot of great talent is showing up from there. Don't think I will get anybody to learn to spin though. I have my Little Gem here with me and always several spindles and wool. I'm always ready to teach.

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Lorie M. said...

You never know! I've had people come up while I was knitting or spinning and say how much they'd like to learn! Your loom makes me quite jealous, I would like to take that art back up!